The Australian Institute of sports

In 3 weeks time on this day, all of the Grade 6’s are going to Canberra for 5 days. One of the places we are going to is the Australian Institute of sports. This the place were all of the greatest Aussie athletes train for the Olympics. The Australian Institute of Sports is a great training centre for all athletes.

This is the place for competing in the Paralympics, Olympics, Winter Olympics and sports like AFL. The AIS is to help people compete in such sports. It’s located on Leverrier Crescent Canberra. You can go on a tour learning about the athletes and how they train.

A place in there for fun and games is called the Sportex. In the Sportex you can try out sports like rock climbing, virtual rowing, football penalty shoot outs, skateboarding, Winter Sports and much more. If you are training for a sport this is the place.

Here is a video link about the AIS


By Thomas and Cooper


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