Leopold Soccer Club

Next year Leopold, will be having a soccer club. The soccer that I played was at Life Be In It near Landy Field in Geelong. Now there is one in Leopold. There is a lot of positions to play such as Goal Keeper, Forwards, Defence, Midfield and Wing.

In my years of playing indoor soccer it was fun and exciting. In soccer the goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball from the shoulder below. I your not the goal keeper you will get penalised for touching the ball. It’s a bit like basketball no physical contact.

Soccer is one of the longest games in the world. For seniors you have 45mins each half plus stoppage time. So in total you have 90mins in total plus stoppage time. Very exhausting. If you like long games, not using your hands and play around the world in seniors then, this is just the right game for you.

Soccer Postions

2 thoughts on “Leopold Soccer Club

  1. Hello I live in Leopold and was wondering if you are going to start a kids soccer club. I have a 10 year old who is interested in starting soccer.
    If you could let me know what your plans are that would be great.
    Regards Sue

    • sorry Sue there is no soccerteam currently at leopold primary but I think there is some talk of starting one up.

      king regards Jeb

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