For the last two years 6 boys went to surfing at Torquay with mr Hir and Mr Dew. Last year we came fourth out of 6 teams. we went in a tag team race to see who could get the best wave. this year it was alot better because we went for a swim around and in bird rock and in a cave.that year we came 3 so we improoved a bit it was the same just six teams. we all loved it.

Jump Rope for Heart

On Friday our Jump Rope for Heart got cancelled because of the werther and on Monday the 9th at Snack and lunch we are going to try again as the werther is not to cold Hope to see you there !! GOLD COIN DONATION PLEASE! Hope to see you there !!
By Natalie , Emily , Phoebe.

Jump Rope for Heart Activity – Elimination

For our Jump Rope for Heart which the Being Active team organised, one of four activities organised by Jamie & Logan was Elimination. In the game of Elimination, several players all skip in one giant rope at the same time, attempting to all skip continuosley at the same time. If us leaders believe that one person stuffed it up, the leaders will eliminate them, and the others continuosley until there is +just one remaining. This activity was one of the favourites on the day!

Rugby Union

Lithuanian Rugby Union team represents Lithunia at Rugby union. they are governed by the Lithuanian Rugby Federation. You can watch it from the safty of the side lines. Their colours are black and white. It was intorduced to Lithuania in 1961.

Leopold Soccer Club

Next year Leopold, will be having a soccer club. The soccer that I played was at Life Be In It near Landy Field in Geelong. Now there is one in Leopold. There is a lot of positions to play such as Goal Keeper, Forwards, Defence, Midfield and Wing.

In my years of playing indoor soccer it was fun and exciting. In soccer the goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball from the shoulder below. I your not the goal keeper you will get penalised for touching the ball. It’s a bit like basketball no physical contact.

Soccer is one of the longest games in the world. For seniors you have 45mins each half plus stoppage time. So in total you have 90mins in total plus stoppage time. Very exhausting. If you like long games, not using your hands and play around the world in seniors then, this is just the right game for you.

Soccer Postions

The Australian Institute of sports

In 3 weeks time on this day, all of the Grade 6’s are going to Canberra for 5 days. One of the places we are going to is the Australian Institute of sports. This the place were all of the greatest Aussie athletes train for the Olympics. The Australian Institute of Sports is a great training centre for all athletes.

This is the place for competing in the Paralympics, Olympics, Winter Olympics and sports like AFL. The AIS is to help people compete in such sports. It’s located on Leverrier Crescent Canberra. You can go on a tour learning about the athletes and how they train.

A place in there for fun and games is called the Sportex. In the Sportex you can try out sports like rock climbing, virtual rowing, football penalty shoot outs, skateboarding, Winter Sports and much more. If you are training for a sport this is the place.

Here is a video link about the AIS


By Thomas and Cooper


Berry and Banana Smoothie

On the 22nd of April we made Berry and Banana Smoothies  they were very healthy because we made them from scratch so we knew what was in them. The healthy ingredients we put in were berries and a banana.


  • 750ml of milk
  • one banana
  • Frozen berries
  • Frozen yogurt


  • Peal the banana and break it up then put it in the blender.
  • Put three scoops of frozen yogurt in.
  • Put a handful of berries in.
  • Now put 750ml of milk in the blender.
  • Turn the blender on and when it is ready drink and enjoy.