Surfing was the sport of the kings in Hawaii.  You can either watch the sport from the shore or you can get out there and surf yourself and see the magnifecent sites . You win by by catching the biggest waves, performing the biggest and  most difficult tricks.

National Toe Wrestling

This week we are learning about different  sports from around the studied the sport Toe Wrestling.

Our sport originated from Wetton, UK .

Toe wrestling is similar to arm wrestling . To play, Players must take off their shoes and socks, as the game is played bare feet.Players must link toes and each players feet must touch flat on the other person’s feet.the opponents proceed to attempt to capture their opponent’s feet for three seconds, while avoiding the same.

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Ice Yachting

This week  we are learning about different sports from around the world. Our group studied the sport of Ice Yachting.

Ice Yachting is a sport where you are on a sailing boat on  thin blades going over solid ice. Ice Yachting came from Europe in the seventeenth century. It is very popular in Germany, the UK, Poland, Norway and Sweden.  It is also getting popular in the US and  Canada. Ice Yachting is played with two or more boats and one or two people on a boat. It is set out  on solid ice and the main aim is to get to the other side of the ice with out crashing or falling out of your boat.


By Madison & Sophie


This week we have been learning about different sports from around the world. Our group is studying Korfball

Korfball originated from the Netherlands in 1902. Korfball is a mixed gender sport with similarities to Netball and Basketball. A team consists of 8 players (four female, four male).  Korfball can be played indoors and outdoors . A court is 20 metres by 40 metres. In each half there is a 3.5 metre tall pole with a basket attached to the top. The pole is two thirds of  the distance of a half from the half  way line. Also players can go behind the pole to shoot.

The ball in similare in size to a soccer ball but has more grip and bounce.

A Korball match goes for 70 min witch split into two halfs wich is 30 minutes per half and a ten minute break in between each half.